Top 20 Kettlebell Exercises

The Top 20 Kettlebell exercises you should try today

These top 20 kettlebell exercises will get your heart pumping!

A good kettlebell workout is one of the best ways you’ll find help you get in shape today. Using this method, you can achieve tangible results within a relatively short period of time as compared to other weight loss and muscle gain methods.

So what exactly is Kettlebell? Well, just as it sounds, a kettlebell is a device usually made of cast iron (and sometimes steel or vinyl) and comes with a handle, giving it a shape of a kettle and a bell. For easy reference, a kettlebell looks a bit like a cannonball fitted with a handle attached.

Kettlebells come with a varied range of designs and can range in weight from 9 pounds up to 105 pounds.

Depending on the needs and fitness level of the user, they are advised to start with a kettlebell weight of 13-18 pounds (especially for women).

In recent years use of kettlebells has gained in popularity with lots of published media to back it up.

Kettlebell Squat Enhances Core Conditioning

This sudden ‘resurrection’ of kettlebells could be attributed to the power that can be derived from kettlebell workout that incorporates almost every aspect of training; cardio endurance, endurance, gaining strength, balance, and even agility.

Training enthusiasts end up adoring kettlebell exercises because besides helping them lose weight and gain muscle, it is challenging and very efficient. Here are some of the top kettlebell workouts.

Top 20 Kettlebell Exercises you can start today

To teach a client on how to perform training practice using a kettlebell isn’t a rocket science and can be simpler as instructing he/she to hold the kettlebell with one or both hands and perform various swings depending on his/her personal needs.

Kettlebell Swing To Build Core StrengthKettlebell Swing – this is a type of kettle exercise where you use your hips with the help of legs to great a movement that eventually swings the kettlebell up, and you should stop when your hand is parallel to the ground. A kettlebell swing trains the legs, hips and the main muscles and it doesn’t include the shoulders and the arms.

Double Arm Swing – when compared to the kettlebell swing, the double arm swing exercise is more challenging, but the process is the same. To perform it well requires the trainee to  maintain more balance and uses a lot of strength.

Iron Cross Hold – to perform this type of kettlebell workout, two kettlebells are required. The two bells are held with each hand and lift them on your sides until your hands are in a parallel position to the ground. Try maintaining this position for as long as you can endure.

Kettlebell High Pull – these type of kettlebell exercises target mainly muscles situated on the shoulders, the arms, the legs and the glutes.

To perform it, your both legs should be a little bit wider than your shoulder width. With the kettlebell on the ground, squat and grip the kettlebell with one hand and push to a standing position.

Kettlebell Russian Twist – targets the obliques and abs. This exercise is performed when in a crunch position and the knees bent at a slight angle. With the kettlebell on your arms and in front of your chest, slowly push your torso from left to right and vice versa. It is one of the kettlebell core exercises

Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk – here, use kettlebells weighting slightly heavier and walk some distance, which will depend on the weight of the kettlebells. This could be around 20 – 100 feet.

Kettlebell Walking Lunges – just like the farmers walk, you walk around with heavy bells, but this time around, on every walking step you make, you take a deep lunge.

Kettlebell Alternating Floor Press – this kettlebell training is performed when in a down position with your body completely parallel to the ground, and the kettlebell is on each of your hands. Then, press the bells alternatively just like you would while doing bench press.

Kettlebell Push Ups To Build ShouldersKettlebells Push-Ups – here, you perform push-ups using large bells on each of your hands. This helps you perform a deeper push-up exercise. This type of exercise targets the shoulder muscles as well as the triceps.

Kettlebell Snatch – this type of exercise is the best when targeting the core and building shoulder endurance. To perform it, stand with your legs and shoulder-width apart and hold the bell on one of your hand and swing the bell upward over the head. When you hand reaches maximum extension length, put the bell on a racked position by flipping it.

Kettlebell Pistol Squat – as compared to a typical pistol squat workout, the kettlebell pistol squat is quite challenging.

To perform, grab the bells on each of your hands. Raise one of your legs off the ground while squatting on the other, flex at the knee. Keep the bell in front of you and relax for some time in the same position then move up using the heel while maintaining both your head and the chest upwards.

Military Press – perform the exercise by holding kettlebells on both of your hands and pressing them on your shoulders. While in that position, perform the regular shoulder press.

Kettlebell Halo – this type of exercise is performed by circling the kettlebell around your head Performing The Kettlebell Haloand making sure that it is an eye and ear level every minute.

Kettlebell Side Press – while keeping your legs slightly wide, bent your upper body towards one direction and push the bell upwards in a repeated motion.

Kettlebell Halo Around The Waist – this type of exercise is another kettlebell core workout. Simply swing the bell around your waist while alternating the bell from hand to hand. Keep your arms relaxed and open.

Kettlebell Bent Over Row – your back should be in a straight position, then bend the upper body downwards to an almost parallel position to the ground.

In slow motion, pull the bells in your chest’s direction.

Kettlebell Deadlift – with a straight back, squat down with the kettlebells on your hands until they touchdown. While in that position, pause for some time, and then stand up while keeping the same body position.

Kettlebell Turkish Get Up – it among essential kettlebell workouts. It helps you strengthen your shoulders, quads, hamstrings, glutes and the core through performance of a challenging up and down mobility with kettlebell on your hands.

Kettlebell Reverse Turkish Get Up – this exercise differs compared to the Turkish Get Up, instead of starting from the ground and moving up, you start by while up to down.

Kettlebell Racked Squat – with this kind of exercise, you’ll be using core, Glutes, shoulders and the quad muscles. You just hold the bell in a racked position using one hand.


With these Top 20 Kettlebell Exercises, it is advisable to start with the simpler ones, moving on to the more advanced as you gain more insight and familiarity.

By doing so, you increase your chances of avoiding injuries and strains.

Read more about kettlebells here.

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