Single Kettlebell Workout for Extremely efficient Core & Legs | Chandler Marchman

Single Kettlebell Workout for Extremely efficient Core & Legs | Chandler Marchman
On this video, Coach MANdler takes you via an intense 10 minute kettlebell leg and core exercise that can originate better leg dimension, energy, and muscularity whereas serving to you burn paunchy at the same time…

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~The Workout~
a) Single Arm Snatch (3 models : 3 reps / aspect)
b) Windmill Squat (3 models : 3 reps / aspect)
c) Single Arm Clean (3 models : 3 reps / aspect)
d) Anti-Lateral Flexion Squat (3 models : 3 reps / aspect)
e) Double Arm Swing (3 models : 6 reps)
{Leisure No Extra Than 3 Minutes Between Rounds}
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