About Us

Kettlebell training is an incredible way to lose weight, build up functional strength and tone up.

I have set up this blog to motivate not just myself but also those who want to get back in shape, and of course stay in shape! I’ll be posting different articles that I find useful or interesting, will post some product reviews and various training techniques and how I find them.

The aim is to inspire you guys and hopefully in return you inspire me too, I know from experience that when you come in from a stressful day of work or school that it’s a LOT easier and FAR more tempting to sit down in front of the computer or TV rather than take the time to do some weights at home or go on a jog or walk.

Hopefully we can all benefit from this, I know at the beginning it can be daunting but as the old saying goes, the longest journey begins with the first step, and that is completely true.

Anyway, I hope to see you all in the comments section and am looking forward to talking to you.

Best of luck