Plump Physique Kettlebell Workout

Plump-body Workout!

If you happen to trust got gotten kettlebells, that that you just might perhaps perhaps presumably even attain this one at home!

What makes an efficient corpulent body workout might perhaps perhaps presumably be more apt than you suspect. You love to pray to hit these movement patterns: push, pull, hinge, and squat.

Right here’s the workout:

Superset 1

SQUAT: Goblet squat

PULL: Bent-over row

Superset 2

HINGE: Kettlebell venerable deadlift

PUSH: push-ups

Superset 3

Kettlebell swing

Facet-lying clam

I added in a kettlebell swing to bump up coronary heart price and the aspect-lying clam because of it’s a safe glute exercise.

Abilities ❤️

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