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Approach buy a class at Kettlebell X Working towards, watch the total video otherwise which you might perchance perchance perchance derive lost.

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hi there guys Cody your kettlebell coaching and actual now we’re utilizing the health membership and I desire you to be obvious that you just watch this total video so we just passed costco and now the harley-davidson motorcycle shop and I desire you to examine the total video so that which you might perchance perchance perchance gape straightforward programs to derive right here on story of I derive rather tricky after we derive previous Jutland Avenue so heading down marina boulevard going up north we’re going to switch to the Rose Canyon industry park that’s our that’s our arrangement that’s we’re gonna cease up so actual now we’re at Jutland pressure which you might perchance perchance perchance come down right here ought to you’re coming from the 52 it’s truly extra or much less a cool technique to come abet ought to you’re now not coming from the south nonetheless it absolutely’s nice we’re gonna head in right here be obvious you retain staring at the total video guys most keen we’re coming up now to the Rose Canyon industry park that is our house and we’re in the very very abet now actual in front of us is where you’re most incessantly going to enter nonetheless for any motive it’s closed the gate to your actual is where you’re going to enter and you use passcode pound 35 35 if the gate is closed in every other case normal you’re gonna head straight in and we’re gonna traipse the abet of the complex so we’re gonna invent is we’re gonna traipse down this motorway the total finest technique to the abet stain left um so that you just traipse down will we gape adore a yellow brick a wall I’m gonna retain heading down till we derive there so retain heading on down we passed a Pilates studio just retain utilizing retain going don’t pressure too lickety-split they save these nice unhurried indicators so retain going as which you might perchance perchance perchance gape earlier than us there’s that yellow brick wall we’re headed towards that’s actual that suggests you’re going the actual route we’re gonna invent is let the mumble the motorway is it extra or much less curves around and manufacture a straight away left and traipse down the hill across this slight bridge so that you just gape that science is 4903 4905 4907 that’s what you’re shopping for the 4905 so down slight a hail over the bridge and we’re going to switch down to the abet of the Rose Canyon industry park and we’re to retain heading over to the second building where it says 4905 that is our immoral that is our house we’ll come up we are the third unit and a splendidly tall region with enormous pleasant glass doorways so if you give the health membership use the enormous orange kettlebell on the kxt all you obtained to invent is enter those two fat double glass doorways and you’ll be at the health membership derive a local to park and we will gape you rapidly guys thanks and I wait for having you to your first-class

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