Kettlebell “Skiers Deadlift”

This is an fantastic sport explicit exercise for recreational and aggressive alpine (downhill) skiers as properly as hockey and soccer gamers. The rotating scurry creates an alternating load over the “open air ski” or power leg as properly as relative (to the greater physique) inner rotation of the hip and knee. This managed valgus is serious to glean and extremely efficient turns while snowboarding as properly as knee break prevention. The deficit created by standing on the burden insist locations additional emphasis on ankle, hip, and thoracic spine mobility while beneath load.
The athlete featured on this video is Canadian Olympian (Sochi 2014) Ben Thomsen (Twitter: @BenjaminThomsen)

One thought on “Kettlebell “Skiers Deadlift”

  • June 15, 2014 at 10:26

    Please Matt, don't end along with your videos.And mammoth respect from Russian Alpine Ski Personnel))


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