Kettlebell Performance Cardio Insist [Burn Fat & Build a POWERFUL Core!] | Chandler Marchman

Kettlebell Performance Cardio Insist [Burn Fat & Build a POWERFUL Core!] | Chandler Marchman
On this video, Coach MANdler takes you thru a transient and intense kettlebell core cardio routine that takes ethical minutes to produce, and helps you burn corpulent like a flash whereas dramatically increasing core strength (thru anti-lateral flexion work) and athletic performance…

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~The Insist~
a) KETTLEBELL Snatch to Windmill Squat (3 objects : 3 reps / facet)
b) KETTLEBELL Single Arm Strict Press (3 objects : 3 reps/facet)
c) KETTLEBELL Anti-Lateral Flexion Squat (3 objects : 3 reps/facet)
d) KETTLEBELL Single Arm Swing (3 objects : 3 reps/facet)
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4 thoughts on “Kettlebell Performance Cardio Insist [Burn Fat & Build a POWERFUL Core!] | Chandler Marchman

  • July 3, 2019 at 14:24

    The “Core Practicing” game has modified! Wanna stare how it’s possible you’ll perhaps also develop a ripped AND worthy midsection??? Review out my ALL NEW kettlebell elephantine-loss program “MetCon-6” below:►

  • July 4, 2019 at 19:51

    Howdy Coach all over all yet again any other torching workout thank you.Would you tranquil incorporate frequent weight coaching classes or factual purely note these form of exercises?Im taking a witness at procuring the Metcon 6 as we head into the offseason for rugby league next month.Thanks all yet again gor your an expert negate.Hang care Peace ✌#TEAMSWOLEPATROL

  • July 5, 2019 at 04:29

    Stunning movies. Huge exercises for the busy family man. Chandler how frequently are you working out. Thanks!


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