[HIPS – Strength] Russian Kettlebell Swing

Russian Swing

Space up –

– Stand with feet shoulder width apart, and parallel
– Palms comfortably grabbing the kettlebell(s) in front of your body
– Standing up real with abdominals engaged

Execution –

– Butt goes back and down (fancy in a deadlift)
– Shins are vertical (or advance vertical)
– Shoulders are pulled back and chest out
– Head just
– Lengthen hips and knees concurrently with power
– Energy extends from heals into the bottom
– Crown of head goes up to sky now no longer back
– Kettlebell would perchance also merely serene raise by itself
– Glutes, hamstrings, quads and (somewhat) low back are inclined
– Kettlebell will advance up to occupy a study diploma


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