Full Physique Kettlebell Exercise | Stout Burning | Getting Encourage in Shape after Toddler

Hey guys thanks for observing this video. I hope you preferred the workout routines 🙂
Here is the Full Exercise-
Warmth Up– I walked to the fitness heart, Squats and stretching
Squats with Correct Rows 10 reps x 3 fashions
Lateral Lunges 10 on each and every leg x 3 fashions
Lateral Lunge with a shoulder press 7 on each and every facet x 2 fashions
Encourage Lunges 20 alternating x 2 fashions
Shoulder elevate to press 7 each and every arm x 3 fashions
Tricep Extensions 12reps x 3 fashions
Deadlifts 15 reps x 3 fashions
Sumo Squats 10 reps x 3 fashions
KB Swings 15 reps x 2 fashions
Squat Curl to press 10 reps x 2 fashions
Rows 10 reps each and every facet 3 fashions
Curls 12 x 3 fashions

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