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lend a hand to varsity lend a hand to varsity I’m going lend a hand to varsity on the aloof time the kettlebell college or cannonball college I’m hoping it’s Campbell college because of I was swimming anyways I feel this guy’s title is Mr Lopez Mr Lopez Valentine you’re gradual obtain over there warm up all right class physique methodology warm up and Valentine no goofing around hello guys i’m chris lopez licensed surveillance coach and with bodyweight circuit lend a hand with rights to it right now you’re also going to acquire two free kettlebell exercises with the free portray so what I’d comparable to you to attain is enter your email for your title in the box and we’ll send you that portray off straight away all right class kettlebells up let’s chase alongside with some entrance squats so with the entrance squat state what it is advisable attain is retain the kettlebell fine and tight to your physique pressure your hips lend a hand lend a hand your abs brace and in reality strive to acquire down fine and low I’m not squat so that your better legs pray parallel alright guys let’s chase into the around the sphere state Valentine lend a hand straight abs tight squeeze your butt now meander the bell from one arm to the different resisting rotation so for this state that’s in reality well-known to acquire certain that your abs are tight and your glutes are fine and tight because of what you’re attempting to attain is meander the bell around from hand to hand with out rotating both instructions fine and tight you might maybe also chase a little bit faster and in reality brace embracing the afters t on this state alright guys commence with some two-handed swings now so be aware alongside with your kettlebell portray you’re also going to acquire a free video that might converse you on exactly suggestions to attain the circuit so what we’ve done is we’ve taken the video broken it up into two circuits and now you are going to want a note alongside video on suggestions to attain your entire exercises so don’t neglect take a look at in enter your email address and your title and also you’ll obtain that free portray straight away now lend a hand to the swings you witness that Craig is retaining his lend a hand fine and straight his abs are fine and tight he’s completely the usage of his hips and his arms are right alongside for the hasten he’s not attempting to employ the kettlebell alongside with his shoulders so that’s the simply methodology to acquire a two-handed kettlebell swing so now we’ve got some overhead reverse lunges happening in reality mountainous better physique or stout physique state Valentine dwell screwing around all right class boss state one arm swings I need you to attain 5 on all facets alternating facets 15 entire on all facets after that class brushed aside obtain it up so be aware alongside with your kettlebell revolution free portray you’ll obtain the physique rupture circuit you’ll obtain the to kettlebell circuits and along with to that you simply’ll obtain the two videos explaining exactly suggestions to attain the circuits you might maybe also note alongside with these videos you might maybe also load them onto your iPod and otherwise you might maybe also even scrutinize them for your computer so be aware to enter your title and your email address and also you’ll obtain that portray despatched to you straight away thanks mr. Lopez reliable class note you next week all right valentine and that i’m chris lopez licensed turbulence coach from ww kettlebell exercises peaceful and I’m having a see forward to helping you obtain your needs and turn out to be segment of the kettlebell revolution


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