Decrease Physique, Shouders & Core Exercise ll Kettlebell & Planks

Howdy FIT FRIENDS! Welcome aid. I’ve been long previous for just a few weeks, however now I’m aid with a 25 minute legs & shoulders divulge for you. All you can like is a light-weight kettlebell or dumbbell, a mat and your water for this one.

We’ll finish 2 rounds of a circuit that alternates between kettlebell combo workouts and a plank workouts. Let’s go!

I’m so the Room of the Month collaboration that Heidi Sonboul invited me to be a little bit of! I’m going to salvage my indoor divulge save so a lot extra gorgeous and purposeful and I am hoping you’ll follow the transformation this month along side Heidi and the different collaborators!

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MUSIC (All song is from the YouTube Audio Library):
Intro: Cielo by Huma-Huma
Exercise: Trekking by Density & Time
Chilly Down: Lullabye by Density & Time

WARM-UP (5: 00)

WORKOUT: KETTELBELL & PLANK WORKOUT (2 rounds @40/20 intervals)
Aspect-step Squat & Chest Press
Twisting Plank Stroll Up
Rear Lunge & Front Elevate
Plank & Prolonged Plank Combo
Sumo Squat & Rainbow Press
Up-n-Down Alternating Aspect Plank Superstar

COOL DOWN (3: 00)
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Please understand that after taking part in any divulge or divulge program, there is the probability of physical injure. Whenever you bought on this divulge or divulge program, you resolve that you just finish so at your have probability, are voluntarily taking part in these activities, purchase all probability of injure to your self, and agree to free up and discharge WOWbodyNOW and its trainers from any and all claims or causes of action.

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