Crazy Fun Kettlebell Workout- Weight Loss Exercise, Excessive Energy- Shiny Well being !

Over 20 top and fun Kettlebell Weight Loss suggestions to your full burning Weight-Loss and Energy Conditioning Workout!

23 top Kettlebell fun workout routines to your weight reduction, full burning and power conditioning program!

1. Two hand Kettlebell swing
2. One arm Kettlebell swing
3 Hand to hand swing
4. Cleans
5. Sumo Pointless Lifts
6. Squats
7. Dapper and Press
8. Two hand swing – Flip – Squat
9. Tactical Lunges
10. Right via the physique
11. Figure 8
12. One Arm Row
13. Pull overs
14. Pull over and Sit down ups
15. Russian Twist
16. One Arm Chest Press
17. 3 in 1 – Triple Crush
18. Drop Burpee and Snatch
19. Squat to Press
20. Snatch and Aspect Snatch

Bonus Exercise 1. Sizzling Potatoe
2. Over Head Lunge
3. One legged Pointless Choose

Figuring out at Maroubra seaside in Sydney Australia

Set together for you and presented by the Man on a Mission – Ralf Behn – delivered to you by Mission X TV :)!

Mission X TV – Institute of Well being & Nutrition – Mission X – Ralf Behn –

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