Bowflex® 840 Kettlebell | SINGLE ARM SWING

Welcome to our Bowflex 840 Kettlebell video series. Right here we’ll be in a position to support by exhibiting you the correct function and give you examples of teach kettlebell actions.

The Single Arm Swing:

Originate up with the kettlebell 6-12 inches in front of you with your feet shoulder distance apart, hips support, knees zigzag and backbone straight. Attain one arm forward, withhold an commence chest and ‘hike’ the kettlebell support between your legs. Pressure your heels into the bottom, extending your physique dynamically and finishing in an perfect-wanting plank put of living. Allow the kettlebell to cave in and support between your legs as you hinge support. Repeat this mosey for a few reps earlier than returning support to your starting put of living.

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